Individual Counseling

Individual counseling services are focused at people suffering from anxiety, depression and other serious psychological distress. Traditional therapy services are available at out Orland Park office. Individual counseling services are generally a reoccurring weekly appointment on the same day at the same time. Appointments must be scheduled in advance. Individual counseling services are covered by many insurance providers. Our standard fee is currently $100 a session. Individual counseling services are also offered through most Employee Assistance Programs.

Couple's Counseling

Couple's counseling helps facilitate a better interpersonal dynamic and communication pattern between two romantically involved individuals. A therapist doing couple's counseling can help people sort out the problems they are having with each other and change things up a bit with a new perspective from a professional outside observer. Couples counseling services occur at our Orland Park office. Couple's counseling services are generally a reoccurring weekly appointment on the same day at the same time. Appointments must be scheduled in advance. Our standard fee is currently $100 a session. Couple's counseling is rarely covered by any health insurance policy, but are often offered through Employee Assistance Programs.

Urgent Care & Lenghtened Session Counseling

Most traditional counseling services focus on helping a person with rather serious psychological problems over an extended period of time. Urgent Care & Lengthened Session Counseling is available for those clients experiencing an immediate pressing matter who think they would benefit from a lengthier visit to help them cope with an imminent personal crisis such as a hard break up or tragic personal loss. Urgent Care should NOT be construed as an answer for those having psychiatric emergencies such as urges to harm oneself or others. If you are thinking about harming anybody, please call 911. Like other services, Urgent Care services must be scheduled in advance, however, Urgent Care services can last much longer than the traditional one hour if a client feels a need to have somebody to work things out with. You don't have to wait until next week to get the support you need now! We will do all we can to be there for you in your time of need. Our standard fee is currently $100 for the first hour and $40 for each additional half hour. If several hours is what you need, we will do our best to accommodate you. Health insurance plans will generally cover only the first hour of psychotherapy in any week, thus the fees for the additional time will be the responsibility of the client.


In-Home Family & Couple's Counseling

Success Development Services now offers our client's the option to have family or couple's counseling in their very own home. Recent research shows that counseling provided in the home environment, particularly family therapy, can be much more effective because family members are more at ease and are more likely to present as they do in their day to day lives. Like traditional counseling, sessions are one hour and occur weekly at the same day and same time. Fees are similar to those for traditional Couple's Counseling with an additional service fee based on how far we must travel to your home. This travel fee is never covered by health insurance plans or Employee Assistance Programs and will be theresponsibility of the client. In-Home counseling is not offered for individuals.  


Professional Presentations

Success Development Services offers informational and motivational presentations for your seminars, workshops and other events. We are available to provide presentations on many mental health and cultural topics. We will prepare a custom presentation for your event to match the topic as needed. Presentations are typically a half hour in length and cost $300. We are happy to provide multiple presentations for your event. We do not use out own audio equipment. Any microphones, speakers, etc will have to be provided by your organization or the venue.


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