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Success Development Services specializes in three treatment modalities known in the field to produce the greatest measurable benefits in the shortest amount of time. These approaches are not effective for all problems or all clients, but for treating clients with depression, anxiety, bipolar, interpersonal and transitional issues they are arguably the best.



Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

REBT helps people to understand complicated correlations and causality in the way people perceive things, think about them and make choices based on those understanding. REBT teaches clients to have more insight about the interplay of observation, cognition, emotion and behavior. A therapist using REBT will help the client to examine his perceptions and beliefs and help them to confront irrational beliefs and expectations that cause them distress. Therapists help clients confront thoughts and feelings that clients have which contribute to dysfunction such as shame, doubt, guilt, worry and self-pity. Through REBT work, the client learns to audit his own thoughts and feelings, eventually gaining more control over their own psychological experience.

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Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy is often called "Here and Now Therapy", because it focuses on helping clients make good choices in their immediate future which will produce a more positive life experience. A therapist using Reality Therapy gives clients the encouragement, support and insight to leave the office and improve their life. Therapists help clients to evaluate the choices they have made and the results those choices have produced. Therapists help clients trouble-shoot alternative approaches to accomplish the things they desire and to circumvent existing road blocks. Clients working with the Reality Therapy model will learn to stop blaming external forces in their life and become empowered by focusing on those things which they can control.

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Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis is an insight based approach that helps clients better understand interpersonal interaction. It focuses on giving clients new information about people’s motivation and social dynamics. TA helps clients better understand “social rituals” and “games”; the accepted and expected patterns of social interaction. Therapists using TA will teach clients to recognize what others are seeking and how they are maneuvering to obtain it. Clients will learn the rules to the social game which will improve their ability to "play" it effectively and “win” the things they are seeking for themselves. Transactional Analysis is a wonderful adjunct approach to REBT and Reality Therapy because the insight it offers helps clients have more accurate interpersonal observations and better techniques for interacting with others. In many ways, the lessons of TA are tools that can be used to enhance REBT and Reality Therapy work.

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